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Gift Certificates
Give one of the best gifts imaginable with a Massage Works Gift Certificate. This is the one present that makes everyone happy, and you can never give or receive enough! They are great for Yankee Swaps, Office Grabs, individual's who have never had a massage and the most experienced "massagee". Massage Works Gifts Certificates & Cards are exchangeable and may be passed on from individual to individual. However they are not replaceable or refundable. Massage Works is not responsible for lost, thrown away or stolen gifts because of our transferable policy. Greatest care must be taken when holding a certificate. Massage Works always honors 100% of the cash value paid for our Gift Certificates should it not be used before it's expiration date. Should you hold an expired gift certificate, we will apply 100% of the financial value towards to day's prices.

Available gift certificates
We primarily sell our massage appointments by time, not type of service. At the appointment time, the client has the opportunity to chose what style of massage they would prefer. There is no price difference between types of massage. Our therapists are trained and crossed trained. The client could even change the style of massage during their appointment, and each therapist would be able to accommodate this request.

 6 pack of 1/2 hr massages ($37.50 each) $225.00
 12 pack of 1/2 hr massages ($33 each) $400.00
 6 pack of 1 hr massages ($70 each) $420.00
 12 pack of 1 hr massages ($65 each) $780.00
 6 pack of 1 1/2 hr massages ($95 each) $570.00
 12 pack of 1 1/2 hr massages ($88 each) $1,056.00
 One hour massge $80.00
 30 Minute Massage $42.00
 Foot Relaxation Massage $42.00
 One and a half hour massage $110.00
 Massage Works Treat $80.00
 Couples Hot Stone Massage $220.00
 Hot Stone Massage $110.00
 One Hour Couples Massage $160.00
 One and a Half Hour Couples Massage $220.00
 Half Hour Couples Massage $84.00





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