Hot Stone, Couples Massage, Braintree, Milton

If you live in or near Braintree, MA, and are looking for superior massage therapy: You've found it. Whether you need to relax - alone or with your partner - or you have physical challenges that call for specialized massage, our trained, experienced therapists can provide it. Read on to learn more about hot stone and couples massage. Braintree and Milton area clients appreciate these and other spa services built around your better overall health.

Hot stone massage (select Spa under Services to see details) is ideal for those who need extra help warming up or relaxing. Even if you need little or no specialized attention, the benefits are noteworthy. After the heat from the stones warms the muscles, a deeper massage is possible. Or if a lighter touch is desired, just having these warmed stones placed strategically on the back, in the hands and between the toes is a good way of relieving muscular tension. Details on couples massage, Milton area, follow. Read on to learn why it's a great idea and what some options are for massage.

Couples Massage, Milton, Braintree

Engage with the concept of tranquility as you and your partner take advantage of a dual massage treat. Two therapists, any type of massage we offer, and the peaceful atmosphere of Massage Works make up the essential elements of couples massage. Milton, Braintree and beyond, those who are looking for creative ways to enjoy their time together are enjoying this great alternative that saves time, a bit of money and keeps you and your loved one on the same page.

A few types of massage are available with couples massage. Braintree or Milton area residents choose from Swedish, Relaxation or Deep Tissue massage as they take a breather from the stresses of everyday life.

Swedish massage, ideal for relieving stiffness of the joints reducing tension and muscle pain, consists of long strokes, from effleurage to compression. Select Services>Massage>Swedish to find out more.

Deep tissue massage usually focuses on targeted areas, providing therapy to those muscles that lie deep in the body. More vigorous, this type of massage is highly beneficial, but it isn't for everyone. Read more about it at Services>Massage>Deep Tissue, or contact our Quincy facility. We'll be happy to field your questions about this and other massage options or set up an appointment for you and your partner.

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