Chair Massage, Quincy Traveling Spa

Many area corporations (see the partial list) have relied on us to make their employees feel great and perform better on the job with chair massage. Quincy based but definitely able to provide this service to businesses throughout the region, Massage Works can make stressed out employees relax and feel cared about, something proven in productivity studies.

You can call us today to book an event where you do business and plan for a brighter forecast as your talent takes on a sunnier disposition. Chair massage, Quincy or anywhere in the region, is a great way to thank your employees for taking on extra work or coming in after hours to complete a challenging project. Show them your love and book an event today.

Couples Massage, Boston Area

Everyone needs to relax and the benefits are many when they do. This is particularly true when busy schedules, family demands and other worries get in the way of really getting the most out of every day beauty and joy, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you know a couple that could use a little extra pampering, consider giving them an anniversary or holiday gift that can really help love blossom and thrive: a couples' massage. Boston area sweethearts won't have any choice but to slow down for a while (couples massage at Boston area's Massage Works can be purchased for 30, 60 or 90 minutes).

There's just something magical about breathing deeply and relaxing completely with the help of the expert attention of a certified massage therapist. Lovers can release those cares for a while and notice once again how beautiful her eyes are or how the sound of his laughter makes the world a better place to be.

Be the friend or family member that helps reignite what is so wonderful about someone's relationship and give the gift of couples massage.