Great Chair Massage, Boston Area

As Massachusetts’ largest massage therapy company, we offer the knowledge and experience to meet your needs in the Boston area. We will bring our services on site to meet the needs of you and your employees, regardless of your company’s size.

Do not underestimate the productivity benefits of chair massage. Boston turns to Massage Works for the finest in on site chair massage. Boston businesses have learned that chair massage pays off in employee satisfaction and performance. Let us treat your employees to help them relax and perform even better.

Work place fatigue is often attributed to lack of circulation which affects satisfaction and performance. When blood and lymph are not flowing effectively the result can be impaired energy flow, mental fogginess and susceptibility to office related repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The simple act of sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves neck strain, and allows the recipient to rest his or her eyes. The massage itself increases circulation and lymph flow and refreshes the employee, allowing them to tackle their job anew. Chair massage is an investment in your employees, the most important indicator of your overall business success.

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Pregnancy Massage: Boston

During pregnancy, swelling is common and massage has been proven to reduce this stress and promote an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation. Not only can massage help decrease swelling in the arms and legs, it can also help alleviate pain in muscles and joints that pregnancy creates in a woman’s body. If you're looking for pregnancy massage Boston has a great provider in Massage Works. Sometimes called prenatal massage, pregnancy massage is specifically designed to meet the needs of an expectant mother, and address the stress her body is undergoing.

So what's different about pregnancy massage? Boston has some masseurs who may not know, but Massage Works understands the importance of ensuring the woman's body be properly positioned and supported for the massage to be truly effective. It's also essential that positioning assure good blood flow and comfort for the developing baby and that techniques involving deep tissue work be avoided.

A gift of massage is a welcome baby shower choice, and very thoughtful for the mom-to-be.

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