Boston Hot Stone Massage

Massage Works offers premier massage services in Boston. Hot stone massage is one of our specialties, employing the hardness of the stones along with the heat to address specific problem areas effectively.

Skillful masseurs often start by placing the heated stones on these problem areas on top of a sheet or towel. Others follow the spine, or place stones at the chakra centers along the back depending on the exact effect desired.

While the heat is working its magic, the therapist uses oiled heated stones to massage other body parts with firm strokes. It takes a skilled professional, like those at Massage Works, to enhance the full effect of this type of massage. This is one of the most effective ways to experience deep muscle or deep tissue massage and is easily customized to the client's tolerance level immediately.

Massage Works is exceptionally skilled in Boston hot stone massage, but is equally skilled in other modalities including Swedish massage. Boston trusts Massage Works for all manner of bodywork.

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Swedish Massage, Boston Based

Massage Works offers quality Swedish massage. Boston has learned to trust Massage Works for this most common massage method, used skillfully by professionals with extensive training and experience.
This method was actually developed by a physiologist at the University of Stockholm nearly two hundred years ago, but remains just as effective and appropriate today. It uses firm, gentle pressure to improve circulation, relieve tension, ease muscle aches, and improve flexibility. A wonderful side effect is the sense of relaxation and well being Swedish massage imparts.
Swedish massage therapists use a combination of five different strokes:

  • Compression
  • Kneading individual muscles
  • Gliding strokes down the long muscles
  • Rhythmic tapping
  • Vibration

Massage oil is uses to make the long, smooth strokes more comfortable for the client, who is always covered by a sheet. Only the part of the body being massaged is uncovered, leading to emotional and physical comfort for the client. We invite you to visit Massage Works soon to enjoy the wide range of benefits offered by Swedish massage.

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